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Barato Bob

€ 59,95


Barato Bob

€ 59,95

Barato Bob is one of the most notorious and successful pirates the world has ever known. Well, pirate – Bob much prefers it if you called him privateer. An educated and fearless Frenchman, he has travelled the world and places gain above law. In midst of a sea of unshaven booze heads, Bob stands out with his suave and treacherous style. The Barato Bob has a 5mm shackle and it's 11mm wide.

Learn more about the width and length of the shackle and rope

All bracelets are handmade in Amsterdam

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howtomeasuresmallHow to select the right size:
Use a tape measurer to check your wrist size and select the right size. The sizes below are the circumvention of your wrist.

  • Small: 15 – 16,5 cm
  • Medium: 17 – 18,5 cm
  • Large: 19 – 21 cm
  • Extra-Large 21,5 – 23 cm

The materials we use creating the Barato Bob will survive a life time and the colour will not fade over time.

The bronze shackle is forged out of stainless steel and could show some wear and tear.

All the Pig&Hen products are for life and are handmade with passion in Amsterdam-North.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 5 cm

camel, camel-yellow, sand-silver, army, dark-gray

Wrist size (measured tightly around your wrist)

Small (15 -16,5 cm), Medium (17- 18,5 cm), Large (19-21 cm), Extra Large (21,5-23 cm)