Limited Edition Gorgeous George & Icy Ike


Father’s Day is the day to celebrate the bond between you and your old man. He’s pulled you through most parts of your life and it’s time to return the favour. A father is the first authority in every mans life, the one true captain.

Pirate law states that the captain is to have two full shares of profit. So one bracelet simply won’t cover your debt with the man. So let us celebrate the true captain in every mans life with not one, but two bracelets. Because stealing profit from the captain will get you marooned, sailor.

Want to buy a single bracelet?

Gorgeous George 54.95

Icy Ike  54.95


How to select the right size:

Use a tape measure to check your wrist size and select the right size. The sizes below are the circumference of your wrist.

XS: 15 cm wrist
S: 16 cm wrist
S/M: 17 cm wrist
M: 18 cm (average male size)
M/L: 19 cm wrist
L: 20 cm wrist
XL: 21 cm wrist
XXL: 22 cm wrist

Can’t find your size? Contact us!

If you don’t have a tape measurer, you can download and print our Wrist Sizer here.



The materials we use creating our bracelets will survive a life time and the colour will not fade over time.

The shackle is forged out of stainless steel and could show some wear and tear.

All the Pig&Hen products are for life and are handmade with passion in Amsterdam.

Want to know about the Pig&Hen story? Visit our about page


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